Operation Kid Comfort

Partnering with military spouse owned company, Little Bug, The ASYMCA is proud to offer the gift of comfort to your child in times of deployment

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Encouraging closeness in times of distance…

Children are often the most impacted by the lengthy separation and op-tempo of military duty. Not only do military children endure the duty-related absence of one of the most important people in their lives, they may also feel the impact of additional stressors affecting their parents.

The ASYMCA of Hampton Roads and military spouse-owned company, Little Bug are here to help!

Little Bug is a stuffed animal…with the best kind of stuffing! These animals have a pocket where parents can put a shirt, or article of clothing into the back of the stuffed animal, making the animal smell just like their child’s loved one! Make deployments easier by assuring your child that their loved one is never more than a snuggle away.

Apply To Receive A Little Bug Lovie

While we wish we could give every child a lovie through Operation Kid Comfort , priority will be given to those families we feel have the biggest need. To apply: follow the link below:

Apply Here

Available Lovies

Bev The Bear

Henry The Sloth

Rory The Lion

Frequently Asked Questions

While we wish we could provide all military children with a Little Bug Lovie, priority will be given to families we feel have the biggest need. This includes families who are currently experiencing:

-A Big Recent Move

-First Deployment

-Longest Deployment

– Separation Anxiety

These lovies are no-cost to our military families!

If you head to LittleBugStore.com and enter our unique promo code, you can purchase a Little Bug Lovie and receive 25% off your purchase! To obtain the unique promo code, please fill out the application above.

Your Lovie will be shipped directly to you from Little Bug in their sustainable packaging!

Our Executive Director, Laura Baxter, can answer your questions! She can be reached at 757-363-1884 or LBaxter@ASYMCA.org

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