Exterior photograph of the Armed Services YMCA of Hampton Roads Building

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We are your home away from home in Hampton Roads

When military families need support navigating the unique challenges of military life, the Armed Services YMCA is their “Home Away from Home,” providing community resources and critical services including health and resiliency programs for school-age children; access to food security; and parent-child early education opportunities.

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Armed Services YMCA Hampton Roads

Physical Address:
1465 Lakeside Rd.
Virginia Beach, Virginia.
Phone: (757) 363-1884

Hours of Operation:
M-F | 9:00am to 5:00pm
Sat | Closed
Sun | Closed

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(757) 363-1884
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Robyn Eley
(757) 363-1884, Ext: 1885
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Tessa Davis
(757) 363-1884, Ext: 8769
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Laura Roberts
(757) 363-1884, Ext: 8774
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Kelly Remington

(757) 363-1884
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Marc Michals
(757) 363-1884
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(757) 363-1884
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Kelly Remington
(757) 363-1884, Ext: 8768
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Bryan Simonelli
(757) 363-1884, Ext: 8771
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Executive Committee and Committee Chairpersons
Mr. Joel Vargas, Chair
RADM Kevin Slates (Ret), Vice Chair
Mr. Dave Duffié, Treasurer, Chair-Finance
Mr. John Pawlin, Secretary
Ms. Laura Baxter, Executive Director
Mr. Dan Doyle, Chair-Board of Governance
Mr. Robert Oldani, Chair-Financial Development

Board of Management Members and Affiliation
Dan Doyle, Omni Financial of Virginia
Peter DeMane, MORI Associates
Dave Duffié, Fairlead Integrated
Jeff Guild, Liberty Military Housing
Rhonda King, Newport News Shipbuilding
John Malfitano, IVMF/020
Josef Marks, General Dynamics
Karen Minson, Community Volunteer
Robert Oldani, Navy Warfare Development Command
Juan Orozco, Auxiliary Systems, Inc.
John Pawlin, SERCO, Inc.
Robert Rodriguez, GEICO
Kevin Slates, RADM USN (Ret), Community Volunteer
Lisa Thompson, Delphinus
Ralph Tindal, Raytheon Missiles & Defense
Joel Vargas, USAA